:: the high

ImageMy Kasai pleased me very much today. She is such a beauty. I asked her to do something today. As I instructed her over the phone, she seemed to get lost in my words. I was very specific, though as she ventured into her sub space I don’t think she actually heard every word.

She was to text me when she was complete, and ask for permission to please herself. It took me a few minutes to respond, as I was lost in my own feelings over her submission. She had been such a good girl all week – I knew she had to have been nervous wondering if I would say yes, or instruct her to wait. If she had to wait, it would be several days before she would be allowed orgasm as I’m on a business trip.

I told her she had my permission.

The high.

I cannot lie – I found myself high in my dominance over my Kasai. This was really the first of much to come (no pun intended) – and in it, I felt empowered, fulfilled, and satisfied. Something really not too overt. And in Kasai’s submission, she pleased me greatly.

I wasn’t there to hold her, as she came down from her sub space – which took her a very long time – I wasn’t there to caress her body gently, and show her how pleased I am. But I could send a picture of something I made for her – something I knew would both stoke her flame of desire, and make her feel desired and wanted.


Her name is Black Beauty – and I cannot wait to introduce to her to my Kasai.

2 thoughts on “:: the high

  1. emergingdom,

    I’m greatly enjoying your blog and was inspired by Black Beauty to make one f my own. It’s absolutely wonderful except for one thing, it’s very very very soft. I don’t think you could make it sting if you tried. Any suggestions!

    Loving Liege


    1. in some ways it’s nice, but i can really swing back and strike as hard as i want to – after 100 or so lashes, she still feels it.
      you can use different rope, or even take small pieces and tie knots in the end as well.


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