:: I’m going to spank Kasai….hard


Kasai likes it when I spank her. Correction, she loves it. The thought of it is enough to make her wet. Her ass looks especially beautiful when it’s rosy.

But I’m thinking about discipline here. And I think for many emerging Dom’s this is an area many have to struggle with. Maybe it is for subs too.

But things are different now. For the past year, I’ve spanked her and there has been leather and toys of a wide variety.

But in many ways, she was the decision maker. She loved me leading, but really she kind of led from the bottom. 

It’s not that way any longer. Kasai doesn’t have the option to say no (within our agreed limits). She is available damn near 24/7 depending on where we are and who is around us.

But sometimes, Kasai might say no (or try to, lol). Sometimes, she may be hesitant – though I doubt there will be any moments of overt disobedience. And if those moments happen, I have to be consistent. I must be firm. And I will discipline her. But it wont be easy. (side note – spanking is not the only form of discipline).

Some things will take some training, some getting used to. As her Dom I have to be aware of this. 

But as her Dom, I also need to continue to push her to where we are going. And she needs to be obedient. As I continue to expand Kasai’s horizons on pleasure and pain….or is it the same? I will also expand her horizons on my pleasure. 

It’s a journey that’s going to have ups and downs. But the one thing I am grateful for and humbled by, is that the bond between my Kasai and I is so damn strong.

I have faith and confidence in our ability to handle the stresses that may come through our D/s. I know that she wants to please me – and I know that I want to please her.

To please, honor, and cherish each other in all of life – this is our desire. Our plunging into D/s is our expression of this for in how we connect sexually.

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