:: the art of dominance

A bonsai is a tree in a pot. It can be any species, though most visualize a juniper. Some begin as seedlings, others harvested from more mature trees.

The bonsai is shaped. It is pruned and fertilized. The roots are cut back. A pot is selected specifically for the tree. The bonsai is cared for, it submits to the artists direction. It is a long term commitment.

Caring for a bonsai brings much pleasure, sometimes some pain. But it is a process of constant emergence. It is very calming and requires patience and dedication.

Some of the oldest bonsai in Japan are over 700 years old. There are specific tools used in the training of a bonsai. There are high and low protocols, but in the true art there is no judgemeny, only appreciation

The art of bonsai is never done. There is always a vision for the tree, and constant movement.



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