:: sealed with steel and leather

ImageA few nights ago, Kasai and I sealed our D/s with steel and leather. We had already committed to each other the gifts of her submission and my Dominance – but due to my business trip, we were apart. Last night, that changed.

The evening began with a collaring ceremony – we pledged to each other our gifts, intensions, and desires. I placed a steel collar around her neck, and instructed her to bend over the bed for her first spanking as my sub.

Kasai’s ass began to rosy, as I sealed in my dominance with each slap from the leather paddle – she quietly whimpered, but I could tell it was more than her ass that was warming up. 

 After a very long scene of erotic pleasure, I held her tightly for some time. It was a very special moment from beginning to end. Her breathing and heart rate returned to normal, and we shared our feelings about the evening, and the intensity of our new sexual relationship.

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