:: into the wild

ImageI’ve always felt at home in the wild. It’s not the easiest feeling to describe – some people, most people don’t enjoy being away from ‘normal life’. They may like to look at the mountains, but they like to do so from their cars, where they can drive back home and talk on the phone.

But from since I can remember, I love being in the wild – there has been this calling. To venture out into uncharted lands, a feeling of exploration. A sense of testing myself. Living simply and smartly.

Going on a short hike takes some preparation, going for 50 miles takes a lot. You have to know yourself well and be prepared. You have to know survival and navigation skills. You have to know how to pack and use your resources wisely.

I went on a hike through some very rugged mountains a couple of months ago. A coworker wanted to join me, and I allowed it, though I had never hiked with him before. After the first day, we slept on a 2′ wide path on the side of the mountain with a 1,000 foot fall. He pulled nearly every muscle in his back and tore his feet up with blisters. We tore ourselves up on thorns and loose ground. My knees ending up killing me.

I think my buddy enjoyed it, though he was hurting and loosely complaining for a while. It was his first venture into the wilderness like that. The views were breathtaking and the air was pure.

I loved every second of it. There is such a great sense of being alive in those moments of pleasure and pain.

It’s the same way with BDSM.

Some people like to watch porn, but that’s all. Some find a sense of enjoyment with a short exploration, but can’t see themselves going deeper. Some will actually venture out every now and then, but it’s not really a calling. Others find themselves arguing over what is the “best” or “right” way.

For those who do journey down the narrow trail, there is a sense of extreme satisfaction and pleasure. Like the views from an incredible hike, it takes practice, knowledge, and hard work – and even with all that, you are abound to have bumps and bruises – reminders of the journey.

But there are no regrets – you welcome the pain and the pleasure.

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