:: little things

ImageI told my Kasai that I would open her doors. I think it felt like something small to her, maybe insignificant, I’m not sure. I knew it would take some adjusting.

When we met, I always opened her doors. I wouldn’t let her open her car door, or a door to a store or resturant. I opened them because as her lover, I desired to show my affection to and for her.

But over the years, I have been very inconsistent about it. Sometimes I would, sometimes I wouldn’t. 

Now, I demand it. And though she had been used to my inconsistency, this is an area I dominate – and I must be firm. She opened her door a couple of times. The first time, I just gave her a look, and she waited. By the third time, I was frustrated. 

It took a little while after we got home, but I mulled over it enough. I had to talk to her about it. I led her upstairs, and told her to get on her knees. I told Kasai I wasn’t upset or mad – but something was wrong, and I wanted to talk to her about it.

I told her my issues, and I smacked her ass as a solid reminder that she would allow me to show my affection to her in this matter. I think it took time to process how opening a door related to our sexual connection, but I needed to ensure she understood.

Opening her door is a small outward act of my desire for her. It may be a little thing – but to me, it’s a big thing.


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