:: raw sexuality


Kasai is an extremely sexual woman, she always has been. Her sexuality runs very deep. Her desire is strong. I love watching the erotic waves consume her. And what is fascinating, is that it is rarely overt sexual readings or watchings that turn her on.

Interestingly, I haven’t been able to watch all of 300 in the past with Kasai. The movie causes her to become extremely aroused. It obviously isn’t the overt sexual content. It’s the masculinity, the rawness, the aggression. 

She enjoys reading A Song of Ice and Fire (series HBO turned into Game of Thrones). She commented that she can read a few chapters and need to take care of her hunger – even if those chapters had no sex scenes.

Just a continuation of some previous thoughts – our sexuality is more than sex. It can be hard to define, or even understand. It’s easy to see the leather and steel, or the variety of positions and restraints or other activities as related to a couples sexual connection. But it runs deeper, and the primal connection(s) are like deep roots that interconnect so many areas.

To really connect in a most intimate and sexual way, I feel you need to find all connections – and explore them. Learn to understand them, talk about them. Find the raw sexuality and embrace it.

As Kasai’s Dom, I dominate every aspect of our sexual connections. From the use of leather at night, to opening her doors during the day. Kasai’s submission doesn’t take away her creative freedom to express herself – rather, it offers freedom to do so. She doesn’t have to worry about my judging her, not thinking highly of her, or anything like that.

There is a freedom in submission, just as there is my dominance. 

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