:: fragile moments

fragile moments

Yesterday was an amazing day.

It began with a beautiful intimate moment with Kasai, and followed by an awesome day with the family.

But then, my Dominance caused my Kasai much confusion, maybe a little doubt, and a flooding of emotions that caused her to not sleep. I woke up around 2 am to hear her crying.

It took a while for her to talk to me, but Kasai opened up and shared her feelings. I held her tightly and offered her words of affirmation, caressing her body. She followed have of rule #2 – be vulnerable. But she tried to keep her emotions in, and deal with it herself, breaking the other half of rule #2 – be honest.

After I calmed her down, I told her how much I love and adore her – that she is my world, and I spanked her. Holding her tight again, we drifted to sleep – where she still lays.

shygirl’s post unforgivable, I am reminds me of how Kasai may have felt – nervous, scared, hurt, confused….fragile. I hope when she awakens, she feels whole and anew.

In every D/s there can be moments of disagreement, miscommunication or conflict. As Kasai’s Dom, I have the responsibility to lead us towards reconciliation – to listen, be patient, and not become angry at my sub’s emotions.

2 thoughts on “:: fragile moments

  1. wow. This struck a chord with me big time. I have a tendency to keep my emotions in, deal with things myself – I do NOT want to be a burden – but then sometimes they come flying out in storm of detrimental, unintended, unfeeling words. I’m seeing more and more, that just isn’t going to work for my Husband… or me.


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