:: Rule #2


Be Vulnerable & Honest

Your limits of pleasure and pain will be pushed, your boundaries expanded. But if I push too far – tell me. Let me know if there is anything that may prevent us from connecting in a sexual way as soon as possible. Nothing is taboo when we talk, so be complete in your submission but be honest too. Your desires, wants, and needs are important to me. 

– I didn’t expand on Rule #1, but I think I should for Rule #2. Kasai’s total sexuality is under my Dominance. And she is vulnerable to my leadings; however, I also need her to be honest too. From open conversations where she has no fear of my response to letting me know what her desires may be. She also has the responsibility to let me if anything might interfere with us connecting. And of course, I push her boundaries on pleasure and pain (though they really are the same thing, it seems).

6 thoughts on “:: Rule #2

  1. That is so important! Not talking about it or using a safeword when you are pushed close to or beyond your boundaries is a serious offense of this rule. Difficult in the beginning when all you want to do is please your Sir though.
    The graphics contain your rules… did you make them?


    1. littlekeiko,
      I agree on the importance and use of safewords, though the rule goes beyond safewords during our scenes. I need Kasai to be feel like she can discuss things with me at anytime – I want no secrets between us, I don’t want her to deal with internal struggles on her own. And of course, during a scene, she needs to tell me if I do push too far.

      I did create the graphics, though I didn’t take the pictures.


      1. Yup, I totally get it. That total openness about every aspects (emotional, physical) of our lives, the fact that I know I can share everything, that I am actually expected to share it with my Husband – that he wants to know and care about every single part of me… that there are no secrets between us ever .. that is all part of that deep connection that makes this so very special.

        Awesome job on the graphics – they look great!


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