:: Rule #3


Rule #3 – Be Intoxicated From Our Love

Have fun and enjoy the intense pleasure that comes from your creative submission. In your submission, you place my pleasure ahead of yours and through my dominance it is your satisfaction that I seek.  If you feel overtaxed and are not having fun, tell me. Our connection should be fun, satisfying, and rewarding for both of us.

So this is the last of my three rules for Kasai in our D/s. Because Kasai is not my slave, there is a mutual circle of wicked pleasure. My pleasure ultimately comes first; however, as Kasai’s Dom, I also recognize that her submission is a gift and her pleasure is important to me as well – I want her to have fun, and I want our connection to be rewarding and satisfying.

6 thoughts on “:: Rule #3

  1. “If you feel overtaxed and are not having fun, tell me”……
    Does this happen often? For me, it has happened three times in the last few months (we’ve been officially living D/s for 3 months). I think I just have unrealistic expectations. …and think everything will be perfect. Usually everything is perfect, but occasionally there seems to be a disconnect. Confused today : /


      1. I think we’re still learning together. We’ve been married 11 years and together for 13. But this is a whole new side of us….we’re discovering new things everyday. Most of the time the communication is great….but sometimes I shut down…its an old habit I’m trying to break. In those moments….If he doesn’t force me to talk….I won’t


  2. Communication is such an important part of the D/s journey. My Sir can read me like a book now when something is not right with me. He will stop the scene, and find his answers before continuing. I have enjoyed your postings of your rules Sir. Best wishes in your and Kasai journey.


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