:: when a Dom doesn’t get their way


It’s really the same for any relationship, but what does a Dom do when they don’t get their way?

There are a couple of responses, I suppose. A Dom could lose his cool, and throw a tantrum, hoping that the sub would give into the needed attention. The Dom could remind the sub of their agreement, and how it’s not fair or right for the sub to act that way. 

Image The Dom could become violent as well. Instead of only losing control of emotions, the Dom could also lose control of aggression as well. There’s already a slew of potential weapons available depending on the level of play the two are involved in. 

There may not be a definitive black or white answer; however, most of the time the sub has genuine desire to please their Dom. If something is wrong, it might be wise for the Dom to try and figure out what the root cause is.
Kind of like icebergs, the root cause of an issue is something normally a layer or two hidden from what’s seen. But it’s important to find the root of the issue, because like a weed, if you only remove what’s above the surface, it will come back stronger and the issue will be deeper.

A Dom isn’t going to be able to adequately address every issue for the sub. Sometimes, the sub is going to have to deal with things and submit. In those cases, a little discipline may be in order – but when given, it shouldn’t be done so in anger. 

Image* there are other options – but who doesn’t like a picture of a good spanking?



2 thoughts on “:: when a Dom doesn’t get their way

  1. Your weed analogy is very good Sir…. If you can’t get to the root cause of something, expect it to fester and grow some more. It all comes back to that communication thing again. My Sir and I have hit this same vanilla wall a couple of times that this past weekend we talked and decided that when he asks something of me that is something that I don’t wish to do or is going to upset me, then he wants me to politely ask to talk about it first. But truly…..there’s not much I want to put the brakes on…lol!

    Love the pic with this post…too funny!


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