:: eye contact

Eye contact is an interesting phenomenon. As one of our senses, it brings in the world to our heart, mind, and soul. But it also reveals ourselves to others in a way unlike any other.



Sometimes, I like to remove Kasai’s ability to see – allow her to not have any concern about any visuals during our play. She often says afterwards that even though she couldn’t see I was reaching for a particular toy, she somehow ‘knew’ that’s what I was going for. Removing eye sight provides a heightened sense of awareness and closer entanglement.


Image Sometimes, I wont let her make eye contact. This is mostly true when she is in a submissive position. Being able to see, without really seeing, offers more anticipation. And that’s a good thing, especially on the onset of a scene. Not making eye contact is also a reminder of her submission. 

Other times, I instruct her to not close her eyes during our scenes, or moments within a scene. Maintaining eye contact brings a vulnerable state – especially in D/s. It bears your heart and soul to another. Of course, I enjoy occasional eye contact when she is pleasing me – but there is something amazingly beautiful to have Kasai’s eyes open when I am pleasing her – to see her become lost deep in subspace. To watch a rosy beauty come over her as she loses control. 

4 thoughts on “:: eye contact

  1. i have trouble making eye contact with a Master even if commanded… but I have got to be able to see around me… blindfolds never work out well for me, but maybe someday… i do think they are sexy 🙂


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