:: intimacy

ImageThere is a very mysterious element to all of this that neither of us are well able to express. We’ve used the words sacred and spiritual, and I know that last night Kasai was soaring through the atmospheres in another galaxy. 

There is something about sex that brings two people together in a unique way – non physically there is a strong magnetism that is generated through the physical connection. The two have become one. In any level of D/s this connection seems to be heightened – at least the awareness of it is. 

This connection is something that fuels us. 

I couldn’t help but admire Kasai’s subspace last night – I played with her as she was on the brink of departing and once in fully she was marvelous. Kasai kept herself at bay for a while as I used the wand, as she wanted to feel the release of squirting, but I corrected her in that her releasing or not releasing was not for her, she should submit to my hand and experience what I provide for her – enjoy the moment – quite thinking. Once she did, she was over the edge with ecstasy. 

And damn it was a fine evening.

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