:: been a while

these past few weeks have been a little crazy. crazy at work, crazy at home. Kasai was feeling ill, then me. my time on the computer has been limited, and i work pretty crazy hours.

those hours have taken their toll from time to time. working from 515 am to 6 pm plus a 30 minute commute, and my day turns into an easy 13-14 hours. that turns this emerging Dom into a tired Dom – which takes its toll on Kasai and myself. I had a break not too long ago, easier hours, but they are getting ready to go back to long days.

i don’t look forward to the possibility of getting worn out. it strains the ability to play. in a vanilla relationship, the strain sucks. in a D/s the suck is compounded. 

but i will try to do better and get on more often. 

till then….

2 thoughts on “:: been a while

  1. compounded suckage sucks 😦 I can sympathize.. i work 14 hour days a few days a week… they make me feel so old when I’m done working ;( Need to find a new job… and you need a holiday, sounds like 🙂 A nice D/s holiday with Kasai somewhere lovely 🙂


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