:: daily dominance

ImageThe D/s between Kasai and I rests in how we connect sexually. In nearly every other aspect of our lives, we live and move together pretty mutually. During the past month or so, from Kasai’s sickness to mine, I somehow lost the art of daily dominance.

Even though I am Kasai’s Dom sexually, she needs me to be her Dom all the time. 

Day in. Day out.

She needs to feel my Dominance outside of the bedroom (though she really needs to feel it there too).

It’s not that Kasai wants me to control her life – but she needs to know I am her Dom all day long. 

She needs me to hit that control button from time to time. Image

Could be a simply assignment to complete. 

Or maybe a certain way to dress.

Kasai needs to feel my Dominance throughout the day – not just when we have sex. 

We are, after all, sexual in nature, so it makes sense. 


13 thoughts on “:: daily dominance

  1. We’re pretty much the same… at this stage, my Sir’s dominance is mostly of a sexual nature.

    You talk about Kasai’s needs for more Dominance (and I totally get that), but I’m curious what your feelings are about being more Dominant in other areas of her life?


    1. In other areas, we are not there. For some it is, and it works. For others, its just too much. For us, we’ve always lived and moved together, each one kind of submitting to the other in most areas, so exerting dominance just isn’t us. That said I do dominate in all ways that are sexual, including a lot of little things. I open her doors, she rises when I get home from work. I send her messages and little assignments or reminders, etc


      1. It makes sense. Our lives are busy, we both have hectic high-stress careers and at this point in our lives I would never expect my Sir to become dominant in all aspects of my life. It is a lot of responsibility and I think would become a burden. What we have now is great, no need to mess it. We also have other little ways where the power exchange stay in tact … he always orders food for me when we’re at restaurants, I let him have the final say when our kiddo demands something (without questioning his answer), etc.

        Anyways, thanks for answering. Always nice to get a Dom’s view on these topics.


  2. I truly understand Kasai’ s need for more dominance in her daily life, I to struggle, and find myself needy for anything Sir can control. It’s very hard for my Sir as his work week takes him away from me most weekdays. But now and then he finds ways to keep me mindful!



  3. My Husband and I may have started D/s in the bedroom, but that is certainly no longer the case. He is the Dom, I am the sub…all of the time. I crave even the smallest displays of Dominance in my child-filled, seemingly vanilla days. I would go so far as to say that we both thrive on it.
    Do you enjoy being Dominant outside of the bedroom?
    (glad to see you posting again, by the way)


  4. All very good points…. Mr. Fox makes sure I feel him here even when he’s not….
    He is responsible to make the atmosphere where I can grow in my submission.
    If I like it or not!
    LK …. I usually like it! :O)


  5. Emerging Dom,

    Short and to the point…

    An excellent post none-the-less!

    There is a lot of wisdom in these words… You do not need to be domineering by any means but they need to feel your Dominance throughout the day!

    Best wishes and Happy Holidays,

    Mr. Fox


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