:: ahhhh such a long break

Life catches up with you sometimes, doesn’t it. Next thing you know you’re not sending letters or calling the house anymore…..

Wait a second, nobody writes letters anymore, and does anyone have a house phone?

It’s the same with blogging I suppose. I know when I started our journey, we looked to some blogs, but most of them were old, and I wondered what may have happened for it to suddenly drop off. 

Next thing you know, I dropped off.

But I’m back. Again. 

And I’ll try to post some and catch up on some of our past and what the future may hold.

3 thoughts on “:: ahhhh such a long break

  1. Emerging Dom,

    I for one am truly happy to learn of your return and hope that everything has been going well for you and your Kasai…

    I look forward to catching up with your journey!

    Best wishes,

    Mr Fox


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