i kind of wanted to start of blogging again about the wand and remembering some amazing moments, because the truth is – the toys don’t matter.


“did he just say what i think he said?”

yes, i said it. the toys don’t matter.

for the next few weeks (or however long it takes), i want to detail out some things i’ve learned that do matter. it means that i will be exposing some of my own mistakes and pitfalls.

sometimes, you have to go through the valley’s to reach the mountain tops.

most of the time, we don’t even realize we’re in a valley – because we never had a map or directions. we just kinda jumped in with both feet with no plan.

when Kasai and i began our journey, i knew “what” i wanted from me as a Dom. I had a vision for her as my sub. i could “see” what i thought was “finished project”, so i just started running.

don’t get me wrong – we are both very happy. we’ve had amazing times! she’s been so deep in subspace that it’s taken her hours to come down.

but –

yes, there is a but….i felt like things were off.

so i started contemplating. and i began to realize it.

i also began to visualize a road map with specific directions and check points along the way. but before i get to that, there’s more fleshing out of some…call them mistakes, wrong turns, misdirections, or simply lessons learned.

road to mountain

4 thoughts on “:: IN RETROSPECT

  1. emergingdom,

    I am really looking forward to reading your posts on this subject. Thank you for sharing your site with me and my darling girl. Your journey is remarkable Sir.

    Loving Liege


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