:: with a vision

Though there were sprinklings of a future flavor in our history, neither one of us would have expected this new emergence into Dominance and submission. I don’t think we were even thinking about our past glimpses when it was first brought up.

So, when we started talking about some this a couple years ago, and then more heavily mid-last year, I thought long about what we would look like.

What does a Dom look like?

What does a sub look like?

I had some ideas. I read articles. Kasai and I shared our thoughts as she was doing the same. We talked about limits. We looked at some videos, read some blogs. And most of it had some glimpses, but nothing that could really describe, or put into words what I was envisioning.

Still, some rough edges were shaping up. I knew that communication was critical, so I developed 3 simple rules for Kasai:


And though I had planned some details, and thought about scenes, I guess looking back I assumed that it would just all kind of take care of itself.

What I had drifted us into was incredibly amazing sex.

Im Back

Yes, she did what I told her to – but I wasn’t telling her much outside of sex. I was losing sight of how to hone my Dominance – something I tasted and felt before we actually physically began. I’m not going to lie – the sex was (and is) mind blowing.

Maybe the sex took my eyes away. Maybe it was stress, sickness, work…..life. Who knows. One thing I know for sure:



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