:: the shit no one was talking about (p.s. thank you!)

google11Like many people, when Kasai and I began to venture into our new world, I wanted to read as much as I could. So, I used the power of Google.

If you search for BDSM, as I’m sure you have, you find an interesting result. Of course Wikipedia pops up, as well as a couple news articles about whats wrong with 50 Shades, but nothing of real substance. If you click on the images, you begin to find something to visualize.images-2

And while these are amazing photos, they only deal with scene based materials. It’s the same if look at the video results as well. There are a number of books to choose from, but those can be more of a gamble than staying online, because now you have to pay to see. images-1

The same thing happens when you search for other phrases.

Don’t get me wrong – that shit (and a lot more) turns me on.

It’s just that everything that has substance seems to be scene-only related. The rest just want to tell you that there is an endless variety of what this all means, and you shouldn’t judge ones person D/s to another. tumblr_myroo7czpJ1s93a5jo1_500

While that may be true, it just seems that nearly every website, every photo, and every book is trying to sell something. And in truth, most of them probably are.

They are selling an idea. 

Double-Six-Dollar-Burger-from-Carl’s-Jr.s-300x235 Unknown

They work on the visualization of dominance and of sadism. It’s like being at a restaurant and seeing a photo of a meal, only to order it and have not be as appealing, tasty, or filling as you thought it would be now that your eating it.

That’s why I’m glad for this community. A group of people who share their day to day lives. Nobody is pitching anything. They communicate and support one another. And in that, is beauty.

So, I may not click that I like, or comment on your posts, but know that I read them, and I do enjoy them. I’ve probably dug into your blogs and read some of your past too. And I thank you all for sharing how you live this life.

Because that’s the shit no one was talking about. It’s more than fucking hard. It’s more than a photo or a video. This is our life. Yeah, it’s messy sometimes. But in and through it all – it’s beautiful.

8 thoughts on “:: the shit no one was talking about (p.s. thank you!)

  1. i noticed there is so much crap out there, it was quite hard to find some proper information for a new discovered sub looking for answers =), most of the blogs have definitely been a breath of fresh air for me


  2. Your last two photos remind me of the old burger joint commercial where their logo was “have your way” ! That’s kinda how we view our journey and blog. We do what makes us happy, and we share the good, bad, and ugly, and the uber hot stuff too! Blogging for us has meant a sense of community, and relationships, and telling of our journey. And our hope is always that some of what we have to say will resonate with someone reading.


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