12 thoughts on “:: BDSM Poster The Belt

    1. i like the way you said you’ve never “had” it. you could have just said it’s never been used, but using “had” connects the moment with something very personal. there’s a sense of ownership…an experiential element that rings through.


      1. funny that when I commented, I didn’t put those thoughts behind it. but I suppose subconsciously it was there and that could be why my choice of words. 🙂


  1. So behind on my blog reading… Love the pic! Sir has only used his belt once, and I rather enjoyed it! Just something so sexy about hearing the belt being removed from his pants, and being told to bend over the bed as it dangles from his hands. He just prefers his paddles, crops, and floggers!
    Hope you and Kasai are well.

    Hugs, Mynx


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