:: D/s Training plan the route

plan-trip So, you know where you are, and you have a good idea of where you want to go. Now you need to plan how you are going to get there.

This is where training really comes in – what are the smaller elements that make up and compose the picture you are trying to paint?

I love traveling. I’ve been on numerous continents, and I enjoy long road trips. My favorite way to travel is by train. All of these have things in common – you don’t just magically appear at your destination. There are layovers – there are pit stops, there are scenic routes and unplanned pauses. Sometimes there are alternate routes and overnight stays. Even an occasional flat tire or delayed take off.

I think too many people don’t factor in these things when it comes to relationships, let alone any dimension of D/s.??????????????????????

But all of these things are what makes traveling adventurous and fun – of course, if we don’t know how to handle them – they can make the trip the worst ever too!

So, you’ve got this vision of where you’re headed – don’t expect to simply arrive (truth is you never will) – break it down – figure out what all the little things are you need to do. Look for natural pauses to reflect and make changes to the route if you need to – it’s okay to shift directions.

Couple thoughts to close:

Don’t run yourself out of gas.  Sometimes you can push things too far and not get where you’re trying to go. You can still make it – but you’re going to have to go by foot and bring some gas back to the car. It’s better to know the limits, and work with them – not against them.

Don’t pass a gas station in the Southwest at night. I’ve traveled enough in the Southwest to know that if you pass a gas station at night and don’t stop – you’re a fool – because the next one is probably closed, and you’ll be sleeping in the car overnight – possibly in the middle of nowhere.

Don’t become distracted. You’re going to be multi-tasking – we all do it. We’re listening to the radio, we’re having conversations, etc – but don’t lose focus of what you’re doing. You’re trying to get somewhere – don’t allow the stresses to put you in an adverse position.

One leg of the journey at at time. You can’t drive on two roads at the same time – pick one route and stay the course. That doesn’t mean that you can’t turn around or take a different side road – but it’s best to focus on one particular area at a time in training.

Good journeys make you want to go back. Everybody has their favorite places – places they love to go back to. Their favorite paintings or favorite songs they could look at or listen over and over. Let it be the same way in your D/s – just because you’ve trained on an area 1 time, doesn’t mean you can’t go back to it – you never know what you might find the subsequent time.

63a43d549cf1cf655aa3fc3a345d57a8Have an emergency kit. Some tools, a blanket, CB radio, water, food, gas tank – you travel with them – play with them too, and know how to use what you’ve got. Know some basic first aid, have some scissors handy, know how to read when things aren’t going right, don’t neglect care and maintenance either.

Fucking have fun! Enough said.


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