:: After-Care

Sensual TortureSubmissives experience quite a bit as their Dom leads them through this journey. The emotions can often be hard to express, let alone the physical feelings. Sometimes there are feelings of being overwhelmed. Other times, the sub may feel humiliated. Kasai has been physically drained often times. There can be a strange sense of feeling lost – yet found.

Ultimately, the goal is freedom through submission.

Coming down from subspace has taken Kasai up to an hour. She has shared how she feels as though she’s not even on earth. It is dreamy. She’s cold. She is at peace. As Kasai’s Dom, I need to always recognize these different physical, mental, and spiritual emotions. It’s a process thats often uncontrolled for submissives.

Physically, Kasai needs warmth. She needs to be held, and caressed. If she’s been subjected to a good physical scene, she will need some lotion to help her skin rejuvenate. She often needs help moving until she has recovered, as her whole body is weak.

Mentally, she needs time. Time to process the scene. Time to regain herself and her composure. Even if the scene was short lived, her mind may be off in subspace.

Spiritually, she needs to hear my voice. She needs to feel me surround her. I caress her heart with words of affirmation and soul with a lingering touch.

Everyones relationship is going to be different. Kasai and I have been married for almost 17 years. She is my submissive, not my slave. She is my life-partner, not simply a fuck-toy. Caring for her in this way builds on every other aspect of our relationship. It leads us deeper into each other. safe

6 thoughts on “:: After-Care

    1. thank you for your kind words. i chose the picture because it shows a glimpse of the path that subs can find themselves in. there have been moments when i have pushed Kasai pretty hard; however, i find it best not to kiss an tell


  1. Subspace is a wonderful place to be, but even better is to be in Sirs arms to recover in his loving aftercare! His strokes of love and praise lull me to a much needed rest and recovery! Great post Sir!


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