:: After After-Care

in-bedThe process of caring for a submissive doesn’t stop with the end of after-care, actually it’s only beginning.

Too many times, it seems, there is a lack of communication between Doms and subs. I know this is an area that I could improve on.

If there is a training session in progress, taking time afterwards to have some moments to discuss it can be most helpful.

I want to know how Kasai felt about the training – because I want more than mere submission, I want her the task/act of service/etc to be something she enjoys. I want it to be something she found fulfillment in. By knowing how she processed the training, I can better gauge how to push her in the future.

A few moments of an “open-time” where she can talk about her feelings, her fears, her thoughts without fear of repercussion and knowing that I’m listening – I’m hearing her can further push us into each other in new ways.

Kasai isn’t my slave – she is my submissive, and I feel she needs moments to be able to talk – to share her thoughts without being led in them.

By doing so, I believe I can better lead her.

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