Gentlemans Rules


I’ve been a man of many styles over the years. I’ve never been “fashionable” – I’ve not been one to wear today’s trends or styles – but regardless of what your style is, the first rule is simple – Character comes first. Everything else follows. You can have the best suit in the world and know how to tie an Eldredge Knot tie, but if your character sucks, then it’s all worthless. You can be poor and wear nothing but white t-shirts and blue jeans and if your character is on point, your the man of the hour.

Character First


5 thoughts on “:: GENTLEMAN’S RULE #1

  1. So true Sir…. I have always hated that saying of ” clothes make the man”, they only improve the appearance. What matters most is on the inside! What his mind, heart, and soul reflect. Great post Sir!

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  2. That is the tag line on our website for our team…Character First. This is Coach’s #1 rule in all he does and he expects no less from himself and from his athletes. He believes in leading by example. You can say all the right words, but your actions, and mainly the things that no one ever sees you doing, determines your true character.


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