:: Gentleman’s Rules

3 Gentlemen open doors. Of course they open doors for their lover, but they are courteous and hold them open for those in need. It’s a small sign of humility.

They also pull out chairs at a dinner table for their woman. When she goes to use the ladies room, you stand up. When she arrives – you stand.

Seems so much of the art of being a gentleman has been lost – it’s time to bring it back, and own it.

11 thoughts on “:: Gentleman’s Rules

  1. I wrote a post on my blog about one of the traits of a good Dominant is being a Gentleman. I whole heartedly agree – it is a dying art, but it shouldn’t be. My Master opens doors for me all the time and it satisfies me in a number of ways; (1) it makes me feel like He is “allowing” me in or out of a building or vehicle which just deepens my submission, (2) it makes me so proud to be with Him, and (3) I secretly relish all the jealous looks from the women in vanilla relationships! Mmmm…hmmm! 🙂


    1. I agree. Sometimes, life happens, and we lose little things that were so beautiful. Other times we take things for granted. But if we focus on what’s important, and try to master our craft, things work out.
      Glad you are treated so well!


  2. Couldn’t agree more. When I first met Coach I was in the beginning stages of a divorce, at the ripe old age of 21. Coach and I were friends first and went out as such a couple of times. I was plodding along on our friendly outings forcefully and deliberately opening my own doors and seating myself. He finally pulled me aside and emphatically stated, “You will accept being treated like a lady. Do you understand?” I meekly nodded and from that day forward I welcomed every gentlemanly gesture.


  3. This topic is a cause of confusion for me. While husband doesn’t pull out a chair or wait for me to sit in a bar or restaurant, he will check for intruders hiding in the shadows before opening the car door.


    1. I think that’s awesome – everyone has their own things they do and don’t do. I don’t think not standing up is a sign of being ungentlemanly. And what could be more so a sign of a gentleman than checking the shadows?
      Take care!


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