:: making time for yourself

It’s happens too easy. The daily grind catches up, and life happens. You get caught up in other areas and some fall off.

reunited-t2Ever notice that if you’re apart from your lover that when you return, things are fresh? Of course, you have. Even a weekend apart from each other can have a wonderful effect. The separation sucks, but the reunion is sweet.

In a D/s relationship, it’s really no different. Whether it’s a 24/7 life or not, life can take a toll on it, just like it does the rest of a relationship.

Maybe you had plans, goals, or dreams – and they got lost somewhere.

A little alone time can help. Take 1 hour a week  to review where you’ve been and where you want to go. Send your partner on a weekend outing. Take time to journal and write out your thoughts. Create a space for you and your lover to talk freely and openly.

man-on-a-dock-contemplating-balanceThere are tons of ways to find some time to contemplate things. Life can get in the way – but it doesn’t have to be a brick wall.

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