:: Making Time

tumblr_n9hwq654gG1tvqjt6o1_400Making time with your submissive to connect outside of intercourse is very important. A sub needs quality time to talk and listen, and to just be with you. A Dom needs the same things too. 

A D/s relationship is just as fragile as any other – and both parties have a high desire to please their partner in extraordinary ways. Both need to feel trust and affirmation. 

So take time with each other – enjoy a few moments and just talk – hear each other and continue to emerge in your relationship.

5 thoughts on “:: Making Time

  1. Great post/reminder. Times for open (my phone just auto corrected open to ‘porn’ haha) communication is definitely a must. And we submissives definitely need to be reminded that is our time to speak freely, ask for things we feel we need, and be honest about what we may not like. When you have a submissive nature it’s too easy to put everyone else first and/or feel like you shouldn’t ask for too much or “complain”. But those are all things a Dom needs to hear in order to be a great leader.

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