:: One Year of EmergingDom

It’s been a full year here blogging on wordpress. It’s been great to be able to flesh out thoughts and ideas and read so many of your stories. I really appreciate the dialogue, and it’s great that there is a community of people who share so many similarities. 

So, here’s to one year and many more to come!

12 thoughts on “:: One Year of EmergingDom

    1. So within a day of each other- that’s pretty amazing! I truly enjoy your perspectives Sir, and Mynx and I thank you for sharing them. You have a penchant for articulating what everyone else wishes to say, don’t stop. Bloglandia needs you and Kasai, truly a fantastic blog chock full of wisdom, thank you! 🙂

      -Tom Wolf (Mynx’s Sir)

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  1. Congratulations, Sir!
    This blog is always informative and thought-provoking, yet somehow in a comfortable and comforting (rather than shocking or challenging) way – if that makes sense!
    I mean it as a compliment, anyway!


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