:: Squirting Orgasm

This is another search term that was used to find it’s way to emergingdom. Another similar was ‘waterfall orgasm’. 

So, I thought I’d share a few thoughts on this extraordinary event.

squirt-gushSome statistics say that not every woman can experience orgasms, let alone squirting ones. I’m not 100% certain it’s the woman who “can’t” or the guy (or gal) who is lacking the awareness and understanding of how to please his (or her) woman. 

I say this, because I’ve led Kasai to experience orgasms through clitoral, vaginal, and anal orgasms – she’s also felt the eruptions flow from begin spanked, and her body has melted down squirting all over the place.

So I think most importantly when it comes to experiencing any level of orgasms is the bond between the couple. For most guys, an orgasm comes (no pun intended….well, now that I say that, it is kind of funny) very….easy. Our physiological hardware is different – we don’t need a lot of mental or spiritual stimulation to become aroused. All we have to do is wake up.

But most women need more than just a physical touch – they need an emotional one as well. That means there needs to be a bond, a connection that transcends the physical layer. This isn’t to say that sex for a woman without an orgasm doesn’t feel great .

If a woman doesn’t “feel” it – it’s not going to be all that it can be. And that’s just for a “regular” orgasm. Once you start talking about anal and squirting that connection needs to deepen even greater.

What is a squirting orgasm?

Great question. Truth be told, there seems to be some who would debate on “what” it is exactly. The mystery for some, and the insecurity for a lot of women is that the initial trembling they often feel is very similar to the urge to urinate.

But a squirting orgasm isn’t urine. The ejaculate is the expulsion of fluid through the urethra though and this is one of the reasons for the speculation.

Some women squirt in different levels of intensity. And many women suppress the event, because of insecurities, so it’s important to talk about it – because it’s more than okay – in fact it’s fucking amazing.

How to experience a squirting orgasm?

First – as mentioned earlier – be connected, be relaxed. The orgasm can be the intent of the contact or in conjunction with other activities. But either way, you need to know the basic and most common approaches to this event.

how-to-maker-her-squirt Many find it easy to squirt by applying pressure on the G spot. Insert two fingers into the vagina and point them towards the abdomen. If you can feel the almond sized spongy tissue you’re at the right spot.

Use either a “come here” movement with your fingers, rubbing the spot, or vigorously lift your hand up and down. Within a few moments, your woman will being to curl toes and likely experience an orgasm very quickly.

Now that she has experienced the first one – you need to continue. Because one orgasm is never enough. Go back and forth between the two movements – don’t be afraid to provide clitoral or anal stimulation as well. Overload her with erotic sensations and begin to create a wave of orgasms.

If you have a hitachi wand – the deepest impact will be if it is placed on the vaginal opening – not on the clit. 

So, continue to use the wand or stroke the G spot – if using the up/down movement – don’t be afraid – get after it! Now, each time her body begins to rock – talk to her! Tell her how amazing the moment is – tell her to come for you – tell her to squirt for you when she beings to feel the pressure – push it out.

Now. She may not squirt the first time. She may not squirt every time even after she’s experienced a squirting orgasm – and it’s important to still talk about it. Because she may feel down or confused, or lacking in some way. And you need to reassure her that your satisfied and how amazing the moments are.

The more okay a woman is with the idea of squirting, the easier it will become. The more patient the lover is with caressing his woman, and feeling the erotic tidal wave, the easier it will be to know what works and what doesn’t. 

Keep after it though – because it is an amazing moment! Once you become more and more comfortable creating the moment – and once your woman becomes more comfortable in the moment she may begin to experience squirting orgasms through vaginal or anal sex as well.

The sky is the limit!

5 thoughts on “:: Squirting Orgasm

  1. I have just published a post about squirting… I find this funny that I come to your blog to read this!
    I agree with most everything you wrote.
    I am pretty sure my ex would have freaked if I’d started to squirt. Which is fine, since he had no idea how to make me feel comfortable enough to just come, the probability of me squirting was pretty thin 😉
    Now, I am lucky to be with a man who not only enjoys when I squirt but encourages me to do it and the look in his eyes or the ring to his voice when I do are a sight, a sound in themselves.
    What I want to add though is this: Yes, do encourage your partner to squirt, make sure she understands that not only you are fine with her squirting but that you would love for her to experience this. And that the idea of it makes you horny.
    But make sure you do this in a way that doesn’t put any pressure on her. If she feels pressured into squirting, it may have the opposite effect! Make sure that you tell her how great sex was even if she didn’t squirt!

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  2. Awesome post! Yes! Perfectly said! Guys who are interested in trying should print this out and have it handy for convo when speaking with your sub-miss. Kasai is one very fortunate woman to have your hand in this display of affection! 🙂

    -Love Passionately-

    -Tom Wolf (Mynx’s Sir)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tom your words are too kind. But I would agree that if this is something new to a couple, the best thing to do is talk about it and approach it with the right attitudes! BTW, I’m the lucky one!


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