:: D/s Assignments

Another type of searching folks have used relates to assignments that a Dominant might give to their submissive.

I think this is one area that a lot of people don’t talk often about. What are they, and how can a Dom use them?

Assignments are taskings a Dominant will instruct their submissive to perform that, unlike an order, they may allow the sub to make some choices (most of the time). An order says “do this” – protocol says “when you do this, do that”. A rule says “you will always do that”.

I believe that assignments can be useful, especially if we relate them to something that the Dom might be training the sub on. And because it’s not a rule or an order, the Dom can provide incentives for their completion as well.

Some examples of assignments might be reading, taking a class, purchasing something,  self-pleasure, an act of service, practicing tasks or positions, writing, watching a film, etc.

I was having an extended conversation with Kasai about the nature of our D/s dynamic. We were sharing emails and talking about different elements, and when I began I told her that one of the things we would do, is search and find photographs that would help ‘show’ the other person what we were talking about.

After we shared the photos, then we would talk about them, how we felt about them, and how they relate to us.

Kasai’s assignment was to find 4-5 photos of each category and send them to me. The actual photos she sent and the process she used to find them were up to her.

Written assignments are fairly easy to manage – write in your journal/diary so many times a week; write an essay on this topic or that topic, etc. But especially if you want your submissive to focus on a specific area, or to learn something new. Writing about your scenes the following day can help both Dom and sub learn about how the other processes the events. Researching and writing about something new gives the submissive the opportunity to hear from others and incorporate that into your desires.

Assignments can also be used to demonstrate both Dominance and submission. You can be creative with them. These are more task oriented. Such as dressing a specific way for the day, or performing a specific activity – these don’t allow as much variance from the submissive, but provide the same purpose.

These are less of an “order”, because they are focused not so much on the event itself, but what is drawn away from it. And that’s the real purpose behind any assignment, actually.

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