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I go through phases sometimes, where I know exactly what I want to write about, and other times where I struggle. I happen to be in one of those places right now – so, I figure I’d open the door and ask you – what should I write about? You can message below or use the contact link.

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  1. How does love fit into a D/s relationship? How does it fit into a marriage? Outside of the bedroom, how does the couple determine leadership roles? Is that too many topics?? You did ask! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. This is the first year I’ve allowed myself to drop my guard and reveal my need to submit to my Beloved (husband of 38 years) – it awakened the true dominant man inside of him. He was always right for me – he is now everything to me.

    Having said that, I struggle with letting go of control in my mind which in turn holds me back from experiencing all there is for me to experience. It is NOT Beloved who holds back and we talk about everything. It is truly me.

    From a Dominant perspective, are there things that you would do to help your submissive free her mind of the need to protect herself?

    Annie B

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      1. It’s a desperate one too! I really want to learn to let go completely. Beloved deserves it. I crave it. We’ve come through too much to settle for less.

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  3. I had a discussion with a new lover this weekend (more about that to come) and I was trying to describe how I’m not submissive but I like men who are aggressive. He said – oh well yeah, you’re a bottom. I hadn’t heard that term used for a woman before, and I kinda liked it.

    All that to say, I do wonder what the differences are between “bottoms” and “subs”…

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  4. Love your posts and good idea asking for suggestions!

    Well lately I’ve been wondering:
    Can anyone be dominant or is it either in you or not?
    I’ve got a partner who I’m trying to educate/encourage to be more dominant because he does enjoy it but I feel I can’t give over control with him. He just doesn’t have the natural alluring Dom vibe. Am I just wasting my time?

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