:: Impact Play | Spanking Basics

0004cc87-0c64-98fb-1f1c-5fe3d3da1bfb_958In the realm of all things kink – there is one activity that seems to be apparent throughout as a primal element. Both the giver and the receiver often state that the act increases arousal, heightens awareness, and deepens an unseen bond.

For most of society, spanking took a negative turn starting in the 60’s with the rise of feminism. While John Wayne may have bent O’Hara over his knee in McKlintock! and gave her a solid spanking, and Desi certainly gave Lucy several spankings, people began to ask how a man has the right to spank a woman. But in the underground, a surge remained that said “I can be respected and spanked”.

To be certain – spankings hold almost a mystical degree of an ability to enhance that which is unseen.

I’ll write more about different types of spankings in a later post. But there are several instruments commonly used.

The Hand. The most intimate instrument. Capable of telling the giver immediately how hard the spankings are. The hand also leaves an amazing red result. The hand is also very versatile. You can use the palm of your hand, the finger tips, you can grip on impact.

The Paddle. Could be leather or wood. Might have holes too. Regardless, they offer an extra bite. The more narrow they are, the more potent the sting.

The Crop. Long and slender – made of leather, the crop will feature a narrow piece of leather at the tip used for implementing a strike. The longer the crop, the more leverage it possesses. But being highly flexible, it is easy to provide smooth smacks.

The Flogger. Because the spread of the impact is so great, a flogger will often deliver a softer blow (depending on the material and specifics of construction). With a rope flogger that doesn’t have any knots in it, the Dominant can put a lot more weight into each strike.

Next – where and how to spank:

Distribution is important to allow for a prolonged spanking. The majority of the spankings should be on the greatest protrusion of the buttocks. A little attention can be placed between the upper thighs and the convex; however, you need to be careful and learn your submissives body well. Avoid approaching the tail bone or near the kidneys to avoid internal damage. While you can flog meaty portions of the legs, breasts, upper back, you want to take each new area with reverence and caution.

Positions to spank:

There are several basic positions to provide a good spanking – though each one has numerous variants. Bent over furniture – over the knee – standing. Here’s a few pics to spark the imagination.


Position: Bent Over Lap
Instrument: Hand


Position: Standing
Instrument: Belt


Position: Over Furniture
Instrument: Spoon


Position: Standing
Instrument: Flogger


Position: Bent over Lap
Instrument: Hand

Position: Kneeling Instrument: Crop

Position: Kneeling
Instrument: Crop


Position: Standing
Instrument: Hand with squeeze

Over the Knee

Position: Bent over Lap
Instrument: Open Hand

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