283_surrenderThe union many find in D/s is different than most others. I believe it is sacred. When we feel the oneness with our partner we celebrate every aspect of our union. Where in some relationships, the woman may fake orgasms and the male may be so focused on his own ejaculation that he’s done in less than 5 minutes – in a D/s the celebration is extended. The woman may experience multiple types and quantities of orgasms, the male may not be concerned with ejaculating at all. But every orgasm – and every ejaculation is a point of celebration. They are gifts from and to each other.

Learn to deepen your relationship with your partner. There was a spark of wonder when you met – reignite that and live in it. See the beauty in your partner – the beauty that is otherworldly. The beauty that they may not even see within themselves.

Too often, from so many sources, we can become self-conscience of ourselves. We think we are skinny or fat. We feel we should have larger breasts or a bigger penis. We think we are too short or small. If we only had different hair, were stronger, or had more money.

We need to learn to love ourselves as our partner loves us. All of these negative emotions and feelings are a result of self-awareness. If we lose ourselves into the sacred bond and see the beauty within we can awaken to our sexual nature that frees us from the negativity.

Touch your partner. Feel their heart and their breath. Wrap yourselves in an uncensored blanket of love where there is no shame. Look into each others eyes deeply. Don’t have sex to receive – have sex to give.

While Kasai enjoys receiving gifts at Christmas – what she truly cherishes is giving to another, then watching the joy and excitement that overtakes the other as they receive. The happiness the other experiences, is the foundation for her joy. Sexual intimacy is the same way. When we give to our partner for their sake – for their pleasure, for their desire or satisfaction – we find our own erotic pleasure. When both give to each other in the same manner, it’s cosmic in nature.

But this form of giving sexual pleasure isn’t limited to intercourse. We need to learn the art of touching our partners outside of penetrative sex. We need to master the craft of loving our lover. The more we express our love and adoration to our partner outside of sex, the deeper the connection during sex. The deeper of a connection we experience during sex brings forth a deeper connection outside of sex. We need to couple our bodies, hearts, minds, and spirits into one sacred union.

23 thoughts on “:: SACRED UNION

  1. Every couple I know…whether D/s or not, should read this. It is so true, the giving to give, not to receive. The connection is cosmic when celebrated in this way.
    My favorite line of this post…
    “We need to couple our bodies, hearts, minds, and spirits into one sacred union.”
    So perfectly stated. This is precisely how Maestro and I are building our foundation.
    Great post!

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  2. Great post. I totally have learned the added deepness and intensity of love that comes with D/s, because it requires an even more profound trust than most vanilla sex. You’ve opened up a side to you perhaps few others have been privileged to know. And the giving and subsequent bonding from it is sacred, a benediction.

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    1. Thanks for the beautiful comment!
      Where much is required – much is given.
      Let us not lose our growing in trust, our awareness for that which is pure, and good, let us maintain a pathway of intense love that seeks to give more than to receive.


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