:: Sacred Space

Having a place dedicated to yourselves is important. It may not be a room, or a dungeon – but if you create a space that is conducive it will enable your union to continue to deepen.


We can’t all have this room, but there is a lot that we can do.

Many people use their bedroom – and that’s perfectly okay. But look around. Is it cluttered with dirty laundry? Are there stacks of daily life around? Reclaim the space as your own.

You can use furniture, wall hangings, colors, fabrics, ritual objects, candles, lighting, fragrance. It’s worth investing in a little here and there.


Repurpose a large ottoman or coffee table.

You may not be able to afford some of the furniture you want yet – but you can do a lot with a dining room chair or a weight bench. An ottoman is a simple, functional, and comfortable piece as well. Padding a saw horse makes an excellent spanking bench. You can be creative with almost anything.

Look for colors that will accent your desire for the space, and try to work with those colors as you move forward. From curtains, to pictures, rugs, comforters, pillows – just put a little thought into it with each purchase – you don’t have to get everything at once.


Keeping your space clutter free is one of the easiest, cheapest, most important things you can do to better your room.

Keep your dressers, night stands, or counters as clutter free as you can – and use them as well to help with the space – you can place an arrangement of candles, or other items. If you have lamps, consider the color of light that they project – you may not want a harsh whtie light, simply changing the bulb to a different hue can make a world of difference.

Music can add another element as well. What kind of music you play is up to you, but for me (most of the time), I prefer music without lyrics. Not sure which direction I wanted to go, I began to download soundtracks to movies, because they offered a high quality instrumentation and musical quality that I wanted.


You don’t have to buy special furniture – use your dining room or office chair to have some fun.

Just a little thought and effort can go a long way. We all purchase items for the house and our bedroom throughout the year – think about the duality of the items, the colors, the shades, that can enhance your vision for the space as you look for things that accent the area.

I’ve used a lot of items from around the house – whether I moved them into the bedroom for an evening, or used them where they were – but almost any item can be utilized – you don’t have to intuitionally purchase something that can only be used for sex. Many items can be repurposed.

The great thing about using what you already have, is it helps keep your space clutter free – after your done with the chair, go put it back. There is also a connection throughout the house as your mind is drawn back to those moments when they were used.

14 thoughts on “:: Sacred Space

  1. This proclivity is interesting to me. Yes, a very interesting use of furniture. But sadly, I am the Dom in a relationship (sexually speaking). I do on occasion enjoy being dominated; but I am not into having a Dom and following all those darned rules. But I so love reading about this. lol lol

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    1. Things are fine to occur regularly; however, rules should have the viscosity of water – able to adapt to a changing sea in the environment.
      Furniture can have a dual purpose regardless of the relationship type or status – have fun!

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  2. We’ve named our bedroom “our sanctuary” and treat it as such. No one is allowed there but my personal priest and I. We took extra effort to chose colors and accessories that promote a faraway feeling.

    But I confess the ottoman in our living room is my favorite “altar” . . .

    Another great post, Sir.

    Annie 😜

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  3. Great post!
    We literally have a sacred space, as we live in a converted chapel. Now that the kids aren’t around all the time we have been talking about playing more in our living space – so much more atmospheric than our tiny bedroom.
    You’re so right about the decluttering, though – thanks for the prompt!

    Ash & Alder

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      1. It’s a Methodist chapel, very plain. Converted in the ’70’s, (not by us), quite shabby! Interior is wood panelled painted white. The living space has full-height arched church windows. Our plan is to play on the dining table in the centre of the open-plan space.


  4. We live in a small 700 sq.ft home. And so we’ve utilized every bit of space. From the second floor bedrooms down the steps to the laundry room in the basement. Yup I think it’s time to move, lol. There isn’t any part of the home that we haven’t made sexy and fun memories. Another great post Emerging Dom..

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