Breathing: Breathing is central to life. We breathe in – we know and are made alive to the world. We breathe out – we make ourselves known. It is one thing with two movements. Too often, we take our breathing for granted. Become aware of your breathing and gain a better understanding of life. Breathe with your partner. Share in the moment every detail.

Sit opposite of each other in a comfortable position. Breathe in and out slowly taking deep breaths. Maintain eye contact and watch your partner intently. Begin to align your breathing – when the man breathes out, the woman breathes in – let the rhythm unit yourselves.

Touch: We learn so much through feeling. The skin is our largest organ, but so many times we become adjusted and unaware. We lose the wonder of love and life. Losing this sense affects our ability to communicate in many ways.

Reignite sexual energy through an erotic massage. Explore your partners body – every square inch. Pay attention to fingers, toes, backs of knees, ears, scalp as well as the rest of the body. Use fire and ice to enhance your partners sense of feeling. Lick, suck, massage and caress each other. Talk and laugh freely.

Make each other come. When there is no pressure for the man to perform, his focus is directed to experiencing sexual bliss. Use your mouth and hands to please his cock, testicles, perineum, and anus. Cherish the moment as you give him erotic pleasure, and when he experiences an orgasm or ejaculates, celebrate it, enjoy it, and own it. Treat his come like a gift to be savored.

Similarly, when a woman is pleased for the sake of pleasure alone, there is no agenda. She is free to feel her sexuality and enjoy it fully relaxed. Enjoy her whole body with both hands and mouth. Pay attention as her breathing deepens and her back begins to arch and sway to your touch. Pleasure her clitorus, her labia, as well as pressing into her pussy. Alternate between them and allow herself to become lost in pleasure. Allow her to climax, orgasm, or ejaculate several times. Finish in stillness and softness and feel thankful for the woman who welcomed you.

Sound: Vibrations flow through all of space and time. Some feel lost without some form of noise, while others need the quiet. Both are beautiful. One of the most beautiful noises are our voices. Make time to talk and truly listen to each other. You don’t have to try and solve every problem. There is a time to talk, there is a time to listen, and there is a time for both. Talk about your emotions and feelings. Talk about your desires and what makes you excited.

During sex, continue to talk to each other. Don’t feel like you need to censor yourselves. If his cock feels fucking amazing in your pussy – say it to him. If her pussy makes you feel like you are in heaven – say it to her. Make each others hearts melt and speak boldly your passion for each other. Moan loudly.

Have completely silent sex where you focus on all other senses. Fill your room with sensual music that relaxes or builds on your passion.

Sight: It’s often said that the eye is one of the most complicated things in the human body. It allows us to penetrate through space and awaken to the world around us in a way like no other. Life can be a visual feast that we partake of if we rid ourselves of judgement and comparison.

Stare into each others eyes. Gaze upon each others bodies. Look at their ears, neck, legs, arms, and fingers. Let your eyes wonder without agenda and simply revel at the beauty that sits before you. Feel the emotions you have regardless of where you are looking and embrace them.

Taste: Everything has become instant in these modern times. You need it now – from the internet to fast food restaurants. Learn to incorporate taste in your sexuality. Slow down and enjoy the little things.

During a meal, feed your partner every bite. Blindfold your partner and play with foods that have different textures, tastes, and smells. Use your partner as a plate (not too hot or cold! lol). Drink wine from the same glass. Use your tongue to explore your lovers body.

Scent: Most animals rely on their smell for life. Most humans ignore this sense. Reclaim it as your own and learn to enhance your sexuality through it.

Blindfold your partner and allow them to explore your body through the sense of smell. Feast on your partner’s scent. Discover each other. Take your time and explore every part of your lovers body. Play with different scents – oils, fruit, incense.

Dance: We often love dancing when we are younger. But over the years, we have a tendency to drift away from it. Our hearts harden to this gift. Bur dancing generates a freeing and sexual power. If we lose our self-conscience and simply be present in the moment, we can gain a new wonder for loving and living.

Dance for your partner. Dance with your partner. Dance to reveal your true nature. Dance fully clothed – dance fully naked. Dance in the kitchen. Dance in the streets.

Joy: Laughing is a release of joy from within. It’s often abused when we laugh at another in judgement – but there is a pure  joy that expresses itself when we smile – when we giggle. The joy could come from any number of other senses, or it could rise from our hearts all by itself. But life has a tendency through daily routine and trying to pay the bills to rob of us the joy of life.

All the while, we look at children who are care free and wish we could be like them. There is no reason you shouldn’t be. Life may be serious – but it is seriously sacred and should be celebrated just as children do regardless of how old we are.

Tickle each other. Tell jokes to each other. Learn to laugh at yourself. Smile more often. Become giddy again. Experience new things together. Enjoy your partner. Take pleasure in pleasing them – and demonstrate it. It could be through a smile, a word of encouragement, a moan, a deep breath or a thousand other ways.

Play with each other – make forts out of blankets, roll around in the backyard. Set up a slip n slide. Go to the park. Play make believe.

Simply enjoy each other.


  1. If I weren’t sitting in my office at work, I’d be getting nekkid right NOW.

    You’re killing me with this imagination overload and my coworkers want to know who’s moaning!

    Annie 😛

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