IMG_8215The trail is forbidden. It’s taboo.

Millions of people every year witness it – they pass right by the trailhead.

But they don’t venture down it.

IMG_8271Some are worried about getting caught – what would others think if they found out they journeyed onto this path? Others are concerned they will get hurt. Most enjoy to look at images and read about others travels, but simply don’t take a step on it themselves.

There are some though, that are drawn into the wilderness. They are compelled to travel into the unknown. They desire to go beyond the well traveled roads into the depths and mystery.


6 thoughts on “:: STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN

  1. YES!!! I’ve discovered it is the only way to live my life in full measure. Stepping onto and crossing this uncertain and “feared” bridge has been the greatest aphrodisiac and intellectual stimulant of my life.

    I could never return to the mainland again!


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  2. We’ve been on this trail before, but at the time didn’t recognise how special it was, got distracted, wandered off…
    Now we’re older and wiser we see the significance of this path and the promise it holds.
    Onwards and upwards!

    Ash & Alder

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