15 thoughts on “:: Sex Toys

    1. You connect the attachment to the reciprocating saw, and then place the dildo over the attachment – it’s a handheld, variable speed fucking machine.
      There are a lot of reciprocating saws that can be used – well, any of them can be used – they range in price from $50-$200 – I wouldn’t recommend something crazy expensive, because an inexpensive one is just as effective.


      1. Not bad at all, lol. I suppose it could be done, but the reach would be pretty far if you couldn’t mount it on something….figure you have the length of the dildo, plus the length of the saw itself – some are larger than others. I have a couple, but picked up the one pictured above for this purpose – it’s light weight and compact. The only downside is that it only has like a 3/4″ movement – the highest you’ll find is like 1 1/8″, so it’s pretty close. There are other options out there, I haven’t built them as of yet, but plan to – maybe I’ll work up a post on how to do it – but the saw idea is quick, easy, and literally anyone can do it.


      2. Awesome. If it’s a major brand, I’d go to the local store, just so you can put your hands on it – see how it feels, etc and then pull the trigger – $50 is a great deal. For self use, having the longer stroke length would be beneficial, I would just be concerned about handling it.
        Working on a follow up post to explain this machine in a little better detail, Will post it tomorrow. Best of luck to ya – be inspired – be imaginative – and have fun!


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