:: Kinky Sex Tip #1

If she can walk after sex

Now, every scene is not going to be earth shattering – and they don’t have to be. Sometimes, what’s needed is a good quickie up against the wall – but you need to become masters in the craft of making sure she can’t walk after sex too.

It takes a desire to put her pleasure ahead of yours. It requires patience and creativity. It means you have to listen to her aches, her moans, and her gasping.

To facilitate placing her amongst the stars, you’ll have to either continue to play after you come, or put your pleasure off for a while. Become familiar with various instruments, because one orgasm isn’t going to do it. Two ain’t gonna cut it either.

No, to reach this level of erotic ecstasy, both of you need to lose count. They need to come in waves. Clitoral – G Spot – Vaginal – Anal – Squirting – not in that particular order, and more than one from each.

But it will also require that you pay close attention to her in aftercare as well. Because she’s likely to be cold. She’s likely to not be able to walk (which is what we were hoping for after all). She may not be coherent for some time as she drifts back to earth.

10 thoughts on “:: Kinky Sex Tip #1

    1. I’ll do what I can, lol. I was brainstorming on things to write about, and decided I’d come up with a bunch of memes, and write a short post related to it. Have a couple dozen or so lined up. We’ll see how it goes

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  1. This is me definitely after a good session. Multiples, cold and leg shakes..
    And I thought I was the only one who got the (cold) shivers afterwards. Granted I’ve only had 1 partner.

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