:: about us

tied up and twistedIn our journey together, she and I live very much as one. I am Dominant regarding our sexuality. She is not my slave, she is not my maid.

She is my lover – before that, she is my wife, my best friend, my companion, the one I would lay my life down for.

We are humans, and so our sexuality is a big part of who we are. And in this, she is 100% submissive. Her submissiveness isn’t a sign of weakness – it is an offering, a gift – something I do not take for granted or lightly.

Outside of how we connect sexually, we live very jointly – we live as one; each submitting to the other. Our desire is to please and fulfill each other completely.

Of course, our sexual connection bleeds in most areas of life – and regardless of what we are doing, or where we are at, she is submissive to my lead within our limits.

Our D/s style is very unique. It is different than many other couples expressions. But it works – extremely well. We still learn new things every day about our connection – and that’s a good thing because it grounds us to each other in new and meaningful ways to why we are the way we are – our deep love for each other.

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