:: a little history

Constantly Emerging…but emerging from what, and to where?

This is an interesting matter all together. We have been married for 16 years before really plunged into something new sexually.

Like any other couple, we have had great years, and years that were not so great. We struggled to journey through life together raising our family.

We first began the conversation at our 15 year mark – but we really just ventured into something of a vanilla plus – little spanking, little bondage.

During a trip we found ourselves again talking about our relationship. I remember saying the words “dominant” and “submissive” and from there, the conversation took off.

Those words never really would define anything about the way we have ever connected. We lived jointly, and the D and s words were foreign to our vocabulary.

But now, regarding our sexual preferences, they seemed to fit perfectly. I wanted to be the dominant, and she wanted to be submissive – sexually.

Of course, there has been a lot of discussion about maintaing who we are and how we connect outside of the bedroom. This permeated a lot of our conversations.

We both felt it was important that we don’t lose ourselves in the journey.

We each knew and affirmed the same thing – we each wanted to madly please the other, and we felt that establishing a sexual D/s relationship was the right way.

It seemed to fit our wants, needs, and desires.

And so, we began a journey, not knowing exactly where it was going to lead us.

7 thoughts on “:: a little history

  1. Emerging Dom,

    You have a wonderful story and it makes me smile, bringing back memories of when LIttle Kaninchen and I first set off on our journey. I can sense the love and respect that you have for your Kasai and I am confident that the two of you are about to begin a wonderful and fulfilling journey together.

    Best wishes for your future,

    Mr. Fox ~ husDom


  2. This sounds so familiar, those could actually be my words. We’ve just started the journey as well. There’s no destination in our mind… I don’t know either where we will be in a few months.. in a year. Just enjoying every discovery we make along the way.

    Enjoy your journey with Kasai and thanks for sharing. It’s a pleasure to read.


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