:: my Kasai

I have the utmost respect for my wife, and an expression of that is to not use her name, post images where she might be identifiable, or in any way intentionally humiliate her. She displays a lot of trust in me as I write some of my thoughts here.

I had to contemplate a while, deciding what to call her – saying “she” all the time seemed far to impersonal, and I didn’t even want to use her initials. There had to be something.


I stumbled across it – it was right there, and it was perfect. She is my Kasai.

Kasai is the Japanese word for a raging, out of control fire. A perfect match for my sub – as she is my fire. It is also the formal word, as opposed to kaji which is used in everyday usage – another perfect match, as my wife is not ordinary, and in this respect, it is a more formal atmosphere. It also has other connections to us as well.

In so many ways, it’s the perfect reflection – she burns for me. As her Dom, it is my responsibility to stoke her fire and never allow it die – but to keep it raging. Let the kasai consume us both, melting away all fears, inhibitions, and doubt – Let it melt us into one,  and fuse our hearts, longings, and passion together. She is…

My Kasai

10 thoughts on “:: my Kasai

  1. Emerging Dom,

    I love the name that you have chosen for your submissive and the meaning is truly perfect. Choosing a nickname could possibly seem silly to one in the vanilla world but it is a wonderful way to communicate without anyone being the wiser to your D/s lifestyle.

    You have a wonderful blog and you seem to be a loving Dominant by nature.

    I look forward to following your journey.


    Mr. Fox


  2. I love this name and the explanation you give!
    We put a lot of thought into the names we use, as you’ll see if you take a look at our profile.

    Best wishes to you both,

    Ash & Alder


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