:: Gentleman’s Rules #6

Gentleman's Rules #6Gentleman’s Rule #6: Think Different.

Okay, you don’t have to think different – but you should think as yourself. If you compare yourself to others, you’ll find disappointment. It’s okay to be different – to be unique, because you are – we all are, and that’s the beauty of it.


:: Gentleman’s Rules

:: Gentleman’s Rules

Sometimes, we become addicted to cell phones, video games, the television. We need to always remember to be present.

Just because the phone rings doesn’t mean you have to answer it. Just because the games coming on, doesn’t mean you have to watch it. Remember what’s important – what you value – and demonstrate that importance – show that value.


:: Gentleman’s Rules

3 Gentlemen open doors. Of course they open doors for their lover, but they are courteous and hold them open for those in need. It’s a small sign of humility.

They also pull out chairs at a dinner table for their woman. When she goes to use the ladies room, you stand up. When she arrives – you stand.

Seems so much of the art of being a gentleman has been lost – it’s time to bring it back, and own it.

:: Gentlemans Rules #2



Yes, I realize that it’s nearly identical to #1 with the use of “character”, but it’s important to remember that your character is what people remember you by – so Rule #1 is a reminder for how to live, and Rule #2 reminds us on how others view us really living Rule #1.

Your character is your icon. It’s your logo – it reflects who you truly are. It’s not something that can be purchased, it’s something that’s crafted by an artesian and is honed throughout life.

It is from our character that we live – and it is our character that others remember.