:: rules

everyone has a set of rules to live by. many don’t think about it, but how we live is a reflection of how we view ourselves, those around us, and things unseen. while this list may not be overtly about my emergence or style as a Dom, they affect every aspect of my life, including my sexuality; here are a few:

:: live intentionally. there is only now – so make it right.

:: live with honor and integrity. don’t lead others down a path of destruction, and help those in need

:: live with confidence. look people in the eye, extend a handshake and greeting

:: live as a gentleman. open doors for others, say please and thank you; pull chairs and stand up when she arrives or leaves the table; don’t wear your hat indoors; walk on the traffic side of the sidewalk

:: live with character tell stories. crack a bullwhip. sharpen a knife. start a fire; throw an axe. shoot an rifle with iron sights. and then some

:: don’t fight. never start a fight. learn how to walk away. when you simply can’t do either – win

:: you’ve been wrong admit mistakes, and welcome advise

:: no one is perfect learn more and more about everything; don’t judge others for not knowing what you know

:: never hold an umbrella it’s okay to get wet, and never run in the rain; the easy path is not always the best path

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