:: Being Pornographic With Someone (via College Humor)

BDSM Meme Kinky Sex meme Pearl Necklace and Facial

And he does!

But the same is most certainly true the other way around. There is something very primal about oral sex that draws intimacy.

Probably couldn’t be better explained than through this College Humor original:



:: Kinky Sex Tip #6 | Evolutions

BDSM Meme Kinky Sex meme Come of Face

It’s important to know where you want to go, otherwise, you’ll get lost. You may get lost anyways, but if you have some kind of an idea – some kind of vision, then you can begin to plan a route to get there.

Most people (I’m assuming) want to be passionate lovers. They want to demonstrate their devotion, their adoration, their desire to please their partner. In a D/s dynamic, they want to demonstrate their Dominance and their submission.

You have to know where you’re at. What you want. How you want it. Where you want to go. That takes honest communication. It also takes a lot of trust.

You’ll never truly be “Fuck Yes” lovers if you don’t talk. If you don’t share your passions and desires.

You’ll never get there without going through the “Okay, I’m Ready” – it’s a process. And while you’ll constantly be emerging, you have to make some movement. That requires some guidance and willingness.

And many things begin with a few “Oh My God” moments. You’re embarking on something new – most people don’t experience kink of any sort the first time without this phase.

Whether it’s a facial, anal, water sports, wax, clamps, or any other kink – to include non-intercourse areas as well, it’s a process. Life isn’t like porn – you don’t just slam your (seemingly non lubricated) cock into her ass and expect her to have a squirting orgasm from it on the first try.

But you know that you want her to eventually orgasm through anal sex (or whatever your goals are)- so develop a way to get there. Because once you get to the “Fuck Yes!” phase it really is fucking incredible.