:: Being Pornographic With Someone (via College Humor)

BDSM Meme Kinky Sex meme Pearl Necklace and Facial

And he does!

But the same is most certainly true the other way around. There is something very primal about oral sex that draws intimacy.

Probably couldn’t be better explained than through this College Humor original:



:: Kinky Sex Tip #5 | Oral Sex Tips

BDSM meme kinky sex meme oral sex cunnilingus eating pussyCall it Cunnilingus, call it muff diving, eating pussy, lip service, or just plain old oral sex. Call it whatever you want – but women agree – they love oral sex! For those who may have been raised to think that it’s wrong, they may have some inhibitions prior to having you please them, but once you start – their hips WILL begin to shimmy and shake.

There’s no need to rush. Take your time. Lick, nibble, and tease her body. Her neck – her breasts, her stomach, inner thighs….you get the picture. Let her know your there because you want to be. Ladies – let your man know when they hit a spot that you like, a simple “Oh, that feels so good” does the trick fine – we want to please you, and will go out of our way to do so. So don’t feel like you have to lie or fake something. If you need it a little to the left, say so 🙂

Once you make it to her pussy, tease around her clit. Women – just like men – need to hear you love what your doing, so tell her. Tell her love pleasing her, tell her love eating her pussy, tell her you love how she tastes. Once her hips begin to move, you know your onto something good. Stay there for a while, and feast on her. Let her ecstasy rise.

Tease her again by talking to her. Look up at her breasts and see how her heart is pounding – how deeply she is breathing. Pay attention to these details.

Back to business. Sensually lick in and around her vaginal opening. Trace her outer edges, back and forth. Again. Again. Flick her clit with your tongue. Roam around, but your primary focus is her clit – smoothly but steadily continue to elevate her.

Guys, you don’t like having her teeth scrap your cock, so if you use teeth, do so gingerly. Suck on her clit softly, continue to work circles around it. Look up again – how is her breathing – how hard are her nipples, is she clenching the sheets, is her heart rate increasing?

Get back to it, talk to her more and then find her spot. That spot. That spot where she’s moaning, and shaking. Stay there. Once she starts, don’t let up. Keep her going towards the edge by slipping a couple fingers into her pussy as you continue to work tongue magic on her clit. Find her G spot and work in a rhythm.

Once she comes – don’t stop. You can bring her down slowly, or go for it again. Now, every woman is a little different when it comes to the O. One may come quickly from nothing but your mouth – others may need some penetrative work, other’s you may need to use a toy. But the thing is this – make she has an O while you are eating her pussy.

Kiss her deeply – passionately.

You love it when she makes you come – show some love and enjoy making her come! All this attention is priming her sexual desire. At this point, even if you made her orgasm multiple times, all she wants is one thing.


:: Kinky Sex Tip #4 | An Amazing Blow Job

BDSM Meme Kinky Sex meme Give the Best BLOW JOB

Whether or not your giving a blow job, or just giving amazing oral, these tips and techniques will make the moment go from “Ah, thanks babe” to “Damn woman, that was fucking amazing!’

For a much more detailed post, read the previous Top 11 (because ten is never enough): ::Give the Best Blow Job Ever

Tip 1: Multi-Task.

Your mouth is the star of the show, but let your hands get some action as well. From touching yourself to stroking his cock as you let your mouth take a break or focus on just the head, the extra-sensory will work wonders – as does a pump and swirl.

Tip 2: Eye Contact

Making eye contact says “I fucking love what I’m doing” like almost nothing else. You can’t make eye contact if your mouth is full, so as your using your tongue or stroking his cock, look at him. Give him a sexy wink to take this tip to the next phase.

Tip 3: Vocalize

Nothing says “I love sucking on your cock” quite like saying “I love sucking on your cock”. Don’t forget a few “hmmms” along the way as well. Tell him you love it when he comes. It’s great to be specific too. Ask if he likes what your doing.

Tip 4: Time Now

If there was ever a perfect time – it’s right now. Now could be 1st thing in the morning. It could be when you’re out on a date. It could right before leaving the house to go to some place else. It could be during lunch or for desert. These are all great “nows”.

Tip 5: No Dress Code

Because the perfect time is now, that means that sometimes you might be dressed up to the nines. Other times, you may have on nothing but a necklace. Either extreme and everything in between is perfect. It’s okay to get dressed up just to please him too. The thing is, just don’t get stuck in a routine.

Tip 6: Let your fingers do some Walking

You probably enjoy having your ass played with don’t you? From fingers to anilingus to having toys and his cock  – it feels good. So, let your fingers drift to his perineum and ass as well. Just like you’d demand lube when he plays with your ass, same applies for his.

Tip 7: To Swallow or Not to Swallow

Here it is…when a guy climaxes it is a very personal and intimate moment. In my opinion, coming in Kasai’s mouth or on her face is even more intimate than anywhere else. Spitting is received as “Ewe! I fucking can’t believe I did that”. So, here’s the tip – whatever amount of cum you get in your mouth – swallow it. I’m not suggesting you have to take the whole load, but take in what you can.

Tip 8: Don’t finish

After he comes, continue to stroke and suck him off – it’ll drive him nuts. To take this tip to the next level, clean him up with your mouth and tongue. Same goes for your hands and face as well. Nothing says “I fucking love your cum” more than licking yourself and your partner clean.

Tip 9: A Kiss 

It may seem too kinky, taboo, or otherwise dirty, but give your man a passionate kiss right afterwards. It’s okay if there’s still some cum on your lips or lingering in your mouth, it’s ours.

Tip 10: Enthusiasm is Everything

You don’t have to choke on his cock like a pornstar, but look and act like you are enjoying yourself. After all, you can make him explode into a sea of ecstasy with just using your mouth. You are the one making him moan and grunt. Smile, giggle, slap your face with it, kiss it, take a selfie if you need to, just show that you love doing what your doing.

Tip 11: Make a Bucket List

Yup, make a bucket list and have fun!