:: Kinky Sex Tip #6 | Evolutions

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It’s important to know where you want to go, otherwise, you’ll get lost. You may get lost anyways, but if you have some kind of an idea – some kind of vision, then you can begin to plan a route to get there.

Most people (I’m assuming) want to be passionate lovers. They want to demonstrate their devotion, their adoration, their desire to please their partner. In a D/s dynamic, they want to demonstrate their Dominance and their submission.

You have to know where you’re at. What you want. How you want it. Where you want to go. That takes honest communication. It also takes a lot of trust.

You’ll never truly be “Fuck Yes” lovers if you don’t talk. If you don’t share your passions and desires.

You’ll never get there without going through the “Okay, I’m Ready” – it’s a process. And while you’ll constantly be emerging, you have to make some movement. That requires some guidance and willingness.

And many things begin with a few “Oh My God” moments. You’re embarking on something new – most people don’t experience kink of any sort the first time without this phase.

Whether it’s a facial, anal, water sports, wax, clamps, or any other kink – to include non-intercourse areas as well, it’s a process. Life isn’t like porn – you don’t just slam your (seemingly non lubricated) cock into her ass and expect her to have a squirting orgasm from it on the first try.

But you know that you want her to eventually orgasm through anal sex (or whatever your goals are)- so develop a way to get there. Because once you get to the “Fuck Yes!” phase it really is fucking incredible.

:: Squirting Orgasm

This is another search term that was used to find it’s way to emergingdom. Another similar was ‘waterfall orgasm’. 

So, I thought I’d share a few thoughts on this extraordinary event.

squirt-gushSome statistics say that not every woman can experience orgasms, let alone squirting ones. I’m not 100% certain it’s the woman who “can’t” or the guy (or gal) who is lacking the awareness and understanding of how to please his (or her) woman. 

I say this, because I’ve led Kasai to experience orgasms through clitoral, vaginal, and anal orgasms – she’s also felt the eruptions flow from begin spanked, and her body has melted down squirting all over the place.

So I think most importantly when it comes to experiencing any level of orgasms is the bond between the couple. For most guys, an orgasm comes (no pun intended….well, now that I say that, it is kind of funny) very….easy. Our physiological hardware is different – we don’t need a lot of mental or spiritual stimulation to become aroused. All we have to do is wake up.

But most women need more than just a physical touch – they need an emotional one as well. That means there needs to be a bond, a connection that transcends the physical layer. This isn’t to say that sex for a woman without an orgasm doesn’t feel great .

If a woman doesn’t “feel” it – it’s not going to be all that it can be. And that’s just for a “regular” orgasm. Once you start talking about anal and squirting that connection needs to deepen even greater.

What is a squirting orgasm?

Great question. Truth be told, there seems to be some who would debate on “what” it is exactly. The mystery for some, and the insecurity for a lot of women is that the initial trembling they often feel is very similar to the urge to urinate.

But a squirting orgasm isn’t urine. The ejaculate is the expulsion of fluid through the urethra though and this is one of the reasons for the speculation.

Some women squirt in different levels of intensity. And many women suppress the event, because of insecurities, so it’s important to talk about it – because it’s more than okay – in fact it’s fucking amazing.

How to experience a squirting orgasm?

First – as mentioned earlier – be connected, be relaxed. The orgasm can be the intent of the contact or in conjunction with other activities. But either way, you need to know the basic and most common approaches to this event.

how-to-maker-her-squirt Many find it easy to squirt by applying pressure on the G spot. Insert two fingers into the vagina and point them towards the abdomen. If you can feel the almond sized spongy tissue you’re at the right spot.

Use either a “come here” movement with your fingers, rubbing the spot, or vigorously lift your hand up and down. Within a few moments, your woman will being to curl toes and likely experience an orgasm very quickly.

Now that she has experienced the first one – you need to continue. Because one orgasm is never enough. Go back and forth between the two movements – don’t be afraid to provide clitoral or anal stimulation as well. Overload her with erotic sensations and begin to create a wave of orgasms.

If you have a hitachi wand – the deepest impact will be if it is placed on the vaginal opening – not on the clit. 

So, continue to use the wand or stroke the G spot – if using the up/down movement – don’t be afraid – get after it! Now, each time her body begins to rock – talk to her! Tell her how amazing the moment is – tell her to come for you – tell her to squirt for you when she beings to feel the pressure – push it out.

Now. She may not squirt the first time. She may not squirt every time even after she’s experienced a squirting orgasm – and it’s important to still talk about it. Because she may feel down or confused, or lacking in some way. And you need to reassure her that your satisfied and how amazing the moments are.

The more okay a woman is with the idea of squirting, the easier it will become. The more patient the lover is with caressing his woman, and feeling the erotic tidal wave, the easier it will be to know what works and what doesn’t. 

Keep after it though – because it is an amazing moment! Once you become more and more comfortable creating the moment – and once your woman becomes more comfortable in the moment she may begin to experience squirting orgasms through vaginal or anal sex as well.

The sky is the limit!

:: Female Orgasms

Sometimes we talk about BDSM facets to a degree, that we often forget to talk about things many people take for granted. Today – it’s the female orgasm(s)!

I suppose one might say that there is only one type of orgasm, but several ways to induce it. Others might say that there are different levels or intensities of orgasms. No matter how you look at it, I’m continuing on.

The Clitoral Orgasm. Probably the most common orgasm. It can be induced by oral stimulation, the use of hands, or other instruments. Not every clitoris responds the same, but most females report that it is intense – yet not as “deep” as others. It’s also a great way to warm up for more!

Vaginal Orgasm. This one begins inside the vagina and can feel focused in the stomach area, or possibly spread from there. The contractions can be deep, and usually takes a little longer to achieve (though not always). Solid rhythmic thrusting is often the go to method for inducing it.

The G-Spot Orgasm. This is the body-shaker orgasm. The climax can explode throughout the entire body. If you’ve never played with the G-Spot, it’s a couple inches inside the vagina, and has a different texture to it than the rest – feels like a course sponge. During arousal it will become more pronounced, and easier to find. While its possible to achieve with a dildo or cock, it’s easiest to achieve using the hands. Have your partner lay down on her back, and insert your middle and ring finger – use a combination of the “come-here” motion, and thrusting up & down.

Squirting Orgasm. Typically from the G-Spot stimulation, the squirting orgasm is very profound. The orgasm can be so intense that the woman often feels as though they were high afterwards. As such, it creates a deep bond. It can be uncomfortable at first, because the woman may feel as though she she needs to pee, and may inadvertently quiet herself and not orgasm. But it’s totally natural, it’s not pee, and everyone woman can achieve it. It is also often induced by using a Hitachi Wand right on her vaginal opening.

Anal Orgasm. There is a strong stigma surrounding anal sex in society, resulting in most women not desiring to attempt it. But through a lot of communication and trust, and a little bit of building up, anal play can be rather enjoyable. Many women report a deep orgasm resulting from anal play – be it from the use of toys or cock.

Mental, Skin & Oral Orgasm. If something can make you wet – it can ultimately led to an orgasm. These are more rare than the G-Spot, squirting, and anal orgasms; but they are possible.  Some report having the O while being spanked, others by giving oral to their partner, some by stimulating their breasts. Big key here is patience.

Knowing how and where your woman can orgasm can lead to a deeper bond, and of course – amazing sex. But it requires that you fuck for more than yourself – you have to be present, to listen and feel your partner, to communicate and to be patient.