:: ebb and flow

Life is full of changes. Relationships ebb and flow. The danger rests not in the valleys, but in losing hope that you will not see a summit again. 

Remain committed. Remain moving towards your tomorrow, learning from yesterday to make it better…more resilient, and strikingly beautiful. 

No one has arrived. We are all emerging. Transforming. Renewing. 

:: More Orgasms than


The average married & partnered healthy woman has sex around 100 times per year. It’s actually less than 100, closer to 80, but 100 makes math work easier. The average woman has a single orgasm roughly 60% of the time. So, each year, the typical woman has less than 60 orgasms per year (and if you’re using your calculator to find out the not so easy division it’s 48)

I can’t speak for all D/s relationships out there – only for mine; however, Kasai experiences….on average, 3-5 orgasms every time we have sex. Sometimes there may only be 1, but other times they flow in waves that are very, very hard to count.

We typically have sex 3-4 times per week, giving her on average 16 orgasms every week. In less than a month, she busts the national average. I guess I could stop then, but I’d probably have hell to pay 😉

“Okay, you met your quota for the year, I’m done here” I say “The fuck you are!” she replies

In a year, she has more orgasms than a Dr. Seuss book has rhymes.

There is so much more to a healthy relationship than sex – but there’s no reason why you can’t have some fucking amazing sex along the way. Yes, I just used fucking as an adjective to an adjective, that’s how great the sex is!

Can I get a “Hell Yea!”?

Let me just put out my belief. I believe that women need more orgasms. 60 per year is…..an atrocity. We had some bad years, so I understand that shit happens along the way. But some form of D/s is yelling like Mel Gibson’s portal of William Wallace “FREEDOM!!” to the masses.

So guys, do yourself, and your partner a favor and liberate your woman! Break the chains! End the cycle! Unleash the beast and set you both free to something that will change the course of your future!

Give her more orgasms than a Dr. Seuss Book has rhymes!