:: you’ll never fully arrive

imagesWriters’ block happens to everyone. I’ve experienced it quite a bit. About 10 years ago, I wrote about 100 songs in a very short period of time. Now, they come very sporadically. Same thing with some of the books I’ve written.

Creativity it seems, is yet another process that ebbs and flows.

I once heard a story about a Jewish couple who had been married for like 40 years. The husband was asked if he still loved his wife as much as he did when they first met. It’s an easy question to ask, because of infatuation – because we find ourselves high on love when we first meet. But the husband had this to say “No, as a matter of fact I don’t”

Shocking. But he wasn’t done.

“I didn’t even know what love was then – thought I did though. I love my wife tremendously more now than ever”

Such a beautiful sentiment.

Love it seems, is like a fine wine.

And within love, and within D/s is a space of creativity. We have good years and bad years. We have moments of “holy shit that was amazing” and we have moments of “holy shit, what the hell is going on”.

Once you start going through motions – your partner will know it – they will feel it, and that feeling can sting deeply.

The creativity and the spark is still there, it just got buried under this thing called life.

I’ve found that when I am feeling creative, and wanting to write a song or work on a new project, but I seem to be stuck, I can talk to some friends or study other projects. I look for new ways to express, and sure enough it starts to pour again.

In a relationship we can read and talk to others, but I couldn’t express it enough that the most important person to talk to is our partner. But making time together or individually to process the experience and develop a plan for the next phase will help ensure you don’t become stagnate.

I don’t play a song the exact same way twice. Sometimes, it’s intentional, other times it happens because it just happens that way. You can revisit things you’ve done before – just because it may seem ‘old hat’ doesn’t mean that it can’t be fresh.

Have fun – communicate clearly and consistently – and have fun!

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