:: BDSM Spankings

UntitledSpankings in a D/s relationship are pretty much a staple.

As a Dom, I enjoy spanking Kasai – sometimes hard | sometimes soft. But I do love it. The why isn’t always easy to put into words. But there is a deep connection I feel with her. It is also a demonstration of our trust towards each other. Slightly sadistic, I do enjoy watching her bruise and wail with each smack. I enjoy watching the bruises heal as well. Of course there is a degree of exhibiting my Dominance.

The art of spanking is highly erotic for me.  Kasai could be over my knee, bent over a piece of furniture, or standing. Her ass could be bare or covered. It could be playful or corrective.  I could be using my hand, a paddle, crop, flogger, or anything else. Either way – any way – is very sexual in nature.

Kasai feels the same way – there is not much else like a good spanking to get her soaking wet desperate for more.  They have been therapeutic for her as well. Spankings also serve to put her mind at rest and shift into a deeper sense of submission. A spanking a day keeps Kasai a happy girl – she loves the process.

What role does spankings play in your relationship?


:: Not all spankings are created equal

spanking typesNot all spankings are created equal. Kasai and I have talked about the different kinds of spankings she’s received. She LOVES a good spanking! The release that she feels is almost without words, and even a hard spanking is one of the fastest ways to get her riled up inside begging for more.

But I don’t spank Kasai for everything – and in the next few posts, I’ll share a little more about what we are not to illuminate more on who we are and how we connect.