Kasai and I have had an interesting journey over the past 8 months. And before I get into too much about where we are at now, and some lessons learned, I feel like sharing some of the amazing discovery’s we have found so far.

The first one, is the Hitachi Wand.Hitachi


This thing is incredible! It doesn’t take long for it to work it’s magic. With an full array of attachments, you can continuously experiment with it as well. At around $50, it’s a very inexpensive – with the ROI far outweighing the cost.

You might need an extension cord, and the one other thing I would recommend is a soft cover for it, like this one. The Wand is notorious for getting hot.

It was through the use of the Wand that Kasai squirted for me as well. Whether she was bent over a bar stool, or laying down in bed – any position is a good position for this little toy.


squirtThere’s no doubt – this little Wand is full of magic!

Not every time is magic; and I’ll talk about that later – but when it does happen, it’s like your own firework show.

4 thoughts on “:: MAGIC TIME

  1. The wand is an amazing toy, and everyone should have one in their collection. If and when you ever need a replacement, we have discovered the BodyWand, the overheating you referred to is not a problem with this one, and Sir loves the adjustable speed wheel that allows him to choose what speed to torture me with! ;D it runs about 80 bucks, but we love the upgrade In features vs. the Hitachi.

    Glad your back, hugs…… Mynx


    1. thank you LK! the sites have changed quite a bit – but then everything does emerge and grow. i will be talking about our journey – but mainly the valleys and roadblocks and how to turn those into positives.


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